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3d central developed tools


Partners of 3D Central have created an online learning platform. Join us!

3D Central partnership has created an online learning platform consisting of two modules: 

1. CE Brain Base on topics most important for development of repeatable, expandable and applicable transfer&innovation processes on the following topics: Knowledge Management, Transfer Management, Innovation Management all summarized by Tools to be used.

2. Practical KACEs (Knowledge Axis CE) are oriented on more practical, hands on approaches and courses.

Please visit our 3DYOUtube channel on the following link: Linkeos

Catalysing Smart Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

3DCENTRAL aims at connecting “islands of innovation” to a stable network of regions for innovation. It is focused on smart engineering and rapid prototyping where a substantial, current and future emerging market for cooperation partners is visible.

Generally there is a solid knowledge base in the programme area but is little structured and connected. This leads to inefficiencies in developing regions as well as in the RTD and business sector. To tackle these challenges durable solutions with sufficient resources are required. 

The main objective of 3DCENTRAL is to develop, implement and anchor powerful, practicable, future robust knowledge axes for the central Europe (KACE) cooperation area to tighten and boost the linkages and capacities amongst the relevant technology and innovation actors of smart engineering and rapid prototyping. 3DCENTRAL will change the current situation by establishing replicable system of new strong structures (KACE), repeatable processes (CE Brain Base) and leading edge implementation cases (CE flagships). The main outputs are a transnational, action-oriented system for 11 knowledge axes, the toolbox and transnational tech&inno camps to make the change elements stable, and 11 flagship pilot demo cases.


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