ECRR aims at identifying, selecting and connecting existing Reformation-themed cultural heritage around Europe (sites, objects and non-material legacy) and establishing an European Cultural Route of Reformation. To secure the effective running, consolidation and expansion of the Route after the ECRR’s lifetime, a stable and durable management structure will be developed and established by the Consortium. The adhesion of actors and institutions beyond the Project’s boundaries is desired and will be actively strived.

An application for the recognition as an European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe will be submitted by the end of the Project. To reach its goals the project applies an empowering bottom-up approach, in which local and regional stakeholders are actively engaged throughout the project’s running time, aligned for the posterior Route’s running and their capacities increased through training events. Capacity building, knowledge transfer and mutual learning are cornerstones of this project.

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First Train-the-trainer seminar

Train-the-trainer seminar on preservation of cultural heritage

The first of three Train-the-trainer seminars will be held in Erfurt on the 27th of November 2017 handling issues regarding preservation of cultural heritage.

The capacity building within this project is foreseen to occur in several steps. Train-the-trainer seminars are the first towards an increase of knowledge and capacities in the regions. The trainings have three thematic foci: preservation, stakeholder alignment and promotion. Once the trainers gather in international seminars to gain new inputs and insights on these topics, they pass this information, once adapted to the local reality, to the actors in the regions.

Some of the main goals of the Train-the-trainer seminar on preservation are supporting international network, communication and exchange of expertise and experience, guarantee a common baseline among involved territories, secure the availability and suitability of provided inputs at regional and local level, present innovative approaches in preservation of cultural heritage, especially regarding funding options and provide hints on key issues to be observed in preservation projects and strategies. The seminar will be based on a pre-developed curriculum, content to be provided to the attendants and will be enriched through interactive working sessions in which the attendants will apply the acquainted knowledge and inputs in practical examples and group discussions. The outcomes of this working sessions will be used to further develop the curricula on preservation.

The trainers will be directly engaged by the project partners in charge of implementing the local trainings.

If you would like to know more about the programme for this event click here

ECRR Policy Conference

First big open event in the frame of ECRR

Almost at the middle of the project's implementation, the first big open event is taking place in Erfurt on the 28th of November 2017.

By then the main steps setting the base for the European Cultural Route of Reformation will be made. Organized right after the closing of the 500th Reformation Jubilee, ECRR aims at positioning itself and the Route as a stable and sustainable option to keep Reformation and its cultural heritage activated, independently from special celebrations and commemorations, as well as to raise awareness about the high diversity within Reformation movements and processes. The event seeks to enable networking amongst relevant actors from all the involved regions and foster a feeling of unity and belonging among them. At the same time, the importance and potential of cultural heritage, Reformation cultural heritage and European Cultural Routes for regional development, tourism and education should be highlighted and made aware to all participants.

The final goal of this event is the "ceremonial" signing of the TAP by some of the Route's founding members.

The registration is open until the 31st of October under this link:

Here you can find the programme of the event in English and in German:

Programme in English

Programm auf Deutsch