The building sector has a high potential for energy optimisation. In terms of public buildings heritage, energy consumption in schools is the second highest expenditure of municipalities' total running costs. This sector offers potentially remarkable achievements in terms of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy sources (RES) and carbon footprint reduction

At the same time, disparities exist in central European regions regarding planning and implementing performances of proper sector-based strategies, action plans and managerial capacities. 

ENERGY@SCHOOL aims to increase the capacity of the public sector for implementing energy smart schools. The project will achieve this by applying an integrated approach that educates and trains schools staff and pupils to become Senior and Junior Energy Guardians (EGs). The project will provide: - 1 transferrable and 8 customised strategies for smart schools; 1 joint and 7 customised energy smart-school management plans;3 smart phones Apps for EGs;8 tested pilot solutions of energy efficiency and RES application in schools under direct contribution of EGs, in the form of guidelines, toolbox, best practices as reference documents and experiences.

Special thanks for Museum of Education in Bydgoszcz, we have a wonderfull photos for our ENERGY@SCHOOL Project Website. 



PP2 at The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2014-2020 “TOGETHER" event

Elena Casirarghi PP2 CERTIMAC has participated at the dissemination event organized by TOGHETER, Project financed by CENTRAL EUROPE on 22nd of May 2017 in Praga. She introduced the core elements of the ENERGY@SCHOOL project during the event.  Read more...



Interreg cooperation CitiEnGov and ENERGY@SCHOOL

Interreg Central Europe cooperation in Bydgoszcz PP3!
City of Bydgoszcz was a host of CitiEnGov Project Meeting on 3-5 of April 2017. ENERGY@SCHOOL was promoted during this event!



PP3 SEGs and Headmasters Meeting in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Successful meeting of Polish Project Team, Senior Energy Guardians and Headmasters of involved schools in Bydgoszcz, Poland PP3 took place on 24 of March 2017 in City Hall.



Stuttgart Kick off Meeting

The local Kick-off meeting with the participating schools of Stuttgart took place. The headmasters of the schools, some teachers and students as well as representatives of the city administration took part of it.



Ujszilvas SEGs and Headmaster's Project Meeting

On 9th of March 2017 PP8 Ujszilvas had local meetingand successfully established PP8 SEG's and local NOC (Network Operation Centre).

31.01.2017 - 03.02.2017


2nd Project Meeting and Study visit 

In Celje, Slovenia, from 31 January to 3rd February, the 2nd Project Meeting for ENERGY@PROJECT. More info...


Steering Committee Meeting in Celje (Slovenia)

During the 2nd Project Meeting, it was also organized the 2nd Steering Committee meeting: SC members discussed and evaluted the project progress during the first months of activities.



Kick off meeting in Lugo

12 partners from 7 countries met today in Lugo (Ravenna), Italy to kick start the project. All upcoming activities were discussed and partners are ready to save energy at schools.



Press conference in Lugo (Italy)

The kick off was also attended by local press who were interested to learn more about energy saving plans at local schools and international cooperation. 



Participation at PIT event in Vienna

On 21 and 22 September LP participated at the PIT Programme Implementation Training in Vienna. Two days for learned and directly practiced how to prepare their audit trails and progress reports, create and updated website and manage ENERGY@SCHOOL project.



1st Steering Committee in Lugo (Italy)

During the KOM in Lugo, has been established the project Steering Committee. SC is composed by one member for each partner project.

project RESULTS

Output O.T2.3.1Transnational transferrable
Common Strategy for Smart Schools (CSSS)

Output O.T1.1.1 Energy Guardian Smart school Management Plan

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