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The project aims at improving the capacities of the public sector and related entiities to plan territorially based low-carbon strategies in the frame of Regional Energy plans, supporting the low-carbon energy transition of traditional industrial sector to meet the regional energy saving targets defined according to EU and national legislation. The objective will be achieve supporting Regional Authorities, Energy Agencies and Regional Financial Agencies to elaborate and implement innovative financial instruments(IFIs) particularly addressed to provide Energy savings investments and project plans elaborated by SMEs. In parallel, an assessment procedure will check the quality of the investments and projects elaborated by SMEs to optimize resources and reach the targets. FIRECE project links to the specific objective because it will support public sector to plan and manage instruments able to achieve saving targets. The implementation of Innovative financial instruments and the assessment of the projects submitted by SMEs for energy savigns will contribute to achieve the indicators contained in the Regional Energy Plans. Finally, FIRECE contributes to the achievements of the energy saving targets planned at worldwide and EU level.

Main expected results

FIRECE Project aims to contribute to the implementation of the Regional Energy Plans and contribute to achieve the targets (in terms of Energy savngs and RES) planned at EU and National Level.Actually, Germany, Italy, Poland and Croatia are not reaching the targets planned and the lack of investments by the Industry play a significant role for tha LRAs and related entities in charge to manage Energy Plans will be able to design, plan and manage financial instruments to support the low carbon energy transition by the Industrial sectors particularly. On the other side, enterprises will be assisted to apply to the innovative financial instruments with assessed investment plans. With the Innovative Financial Instruments, 8 CE regions will improve their capacity to meet Energy savings and RES targets according to their Regional Energy Plans and will increase the attitude of the Industry to invest on Energy. FIRECE finally will contribute to reach the targeted % of savings and reduction of fossil fuel by Industry. With  the pilot related to the development of the Feasibilities studies for Financial instruments the real contribute (in terms of % to the targets) will be duly quantified. The same will be for the SMEs: the assessment procedure apply to evaluate the projects that require public resources will check their alignment with the targets required. The Pilot will permit to define the % of contribute to the Regional Targets in terms of energy savings.

FIRECE News & Events

FIRECE at  XII Lubelskie Energy Fair ENERGETICS

19th - 21st November 2019

The flagship fair event in Eastern Poland brings together the energy and construction sector. 

The objective of the event is to promote environmental-friendly innovations and new technologies related to the use of renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency among, e.g. entrepreneurs, local governments, individual consumers, and students.

During the conference the representative of Marshal Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship will give the presentation “Cooperation for renewable energy in Interreg projects”. The most important information like main project goals, activity schedule, planned results and outputs about FIRECE project will be shown.

Find more information... 


19th November 2019 - Vienna, Austria

The envietech 2019 is organized by the federal ministry. This year the event focuses on "Innovative financing models in environmental protection"

The event takes place on the 19th November in Vienna. The thematic focus is on alternative financial instruments to avoid climate change and to support foundations in Austria.BMNT and BMVIT are presenting the Environmental Technology Master Plan

Forschung Burgenland takes the opportunity to establish new contacts with key players and stakeholders. In the breaks, we will use the chance to inform people about our FIRECE project. Furthermore, we will hand out the FIRECE flyer and the FIRECE brochure and set up the FIRECE Roll-up.

Find the program of the event here.

FIRECE: Transnational Event at e-nova 2019

21st - 22nd November, Pinkafeld, Austria

The partnership organizes a separate FIRECE Session within the framework of e-nova 2019 to present key outputs and discuss IFIs. 

Conceived as an international scientific conference, e·nova is aimed at the scientific community as well as professionally oriented experts. Contributions from both groups in the field of applied research and development provide an overview of the state of scientific development as well as the possibilities and the status of professional and market-oriented implementation.

The FIRECE Session is splitted into 4 thematic presentations:

  • Tool to assess Public Investment to support industry's low carbon transition
  • Guidelines on Financial instrumetns to support the regional implementation of Energy Plans
  • Sustainable solutions of FIRECE Action Plan and Good Practice in Industry
  • FIRECE training modules to support low carbon transition

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to visit our FIRECE booth, where representatives of the project partnership provide information about already reached outputs and further progress of the project. 

Check out the link to get more information.

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Output O.T1.2.1: 1 FIRECE action plan to strengthen the contribute of Industry sectors to low carbon energy transition

Output O.T1.4.1: 1 Tool to assess public investments to support Industry's low-carbon transition

Output O.T2.2.1: 1 Methodoloy to test the tool to assess public investments for industry's low carbon transition

Output O.T2.4.1: 1 Pilot Action (Pilot action2): Improving energy efficiency in Industry Sector

Output O.T1.3.1: 2 Training modules for coordinators and operators in charge to implement the Energy Plans

Output O.T1.5.1: 1 Guideline on financial instruments to support the implementation of Energy Plans

Output O.T2.3.1: 1 Pilot Action (Pilot action1): addressed to Public Auth: Ex-Ante Assessment analysis finalisation and implementation of FI/IFI

Output O.T1.1.1: 10 Training courses addressed to coordinators and operators on IFIs

Project Partners

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