Mapping and Assessment Workshop in Essen


The German Geothermal Congress is organized annually by the German Geothermal Association which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. The congress in Essen was both a platform for over 100 contributors to talk about their research results and knowledge, and an opportunity for inspiring and intense discussions about innovative solutions, developments and practical applications. The GeoPLASMA-CE project was presented by several project partners with our new roll up and leaflets.

On December 1st the two EU funded Interreg projects GeoPLASMA-CE and GRETA invited experts from the scientific and administrative sector as well as interest groups dealing with planning of shallow geothermal use to a knowledge exchange workshop. The workshop focused on mapping methods for the assessment of potentials and conflicts to the use of shallow geothermal energy in Europe.

After several kick-off presentations from GeoPLASMA-CE and GRETA as well as from different accomplished and running projects (e.g. ReGeoCities, transGEOTHERM, ThermoMap) a panel discussion dealt with the main aspects of mapping of potentials and risks/conflicts of shallow geothermal use. The key questions of the workshop were: “What are the existing approaches and workflows to create potential and risk maps? Do the different approaches lead to comparable maps and spatial information? Is there a need of harmonization of methods?”

Presentation by Karina Hofmann, LfULG

Minutes of the workshop

Essen experts