GeoPLASMA-CE at the GeoTHERM 2019 in Offenburg, Germany 

14.-15. 02. 2019

The GeoTHERM 2019 was visited by 3602 participants from 48 countries. The event offered 200 individual booths and 40 presentations on topics of shallow and deep geothermal energy use, which were available in German, English and French language.

The GeoPLASMA-CE contributions

Like at the GeoTHERM 2018, GeoPLASMA-CE was represented at the largest booth of the event. Participants could test our web portal and learn more on the 6 different pilot areas or register to our knowledge platform.

Offenburg 2019

The GeoPLASMA-CE station for hsnds-on testing of the web portal (Photo: geoENERGIE Konzept GmbH)

The main outcomes of the project were presented at the general scientific session. The project coordinator, G. Goetzl (Geological Survey of Austria) outlined the way of GeoPLASMA-CE from the background and the requirements of stakeholders in the involved regions towards the products and outcomes achieved. Download the presentation here.

Finally, D. Rupprecht (Geological Survey of Austria) gave a flash presentation on the draft version of the joint quality standards for managing shallow geothermal energy use. Download the presentation here.


Flash presentation about the joint quality standards at the GeoPLASMA-CE booth (Photo: GBA)

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