Workshop “New Horizons in Geological and Geo‑Environmental Monitoring” in Nottingham, UK

21.-23. 3. 2018

Operational as well as environmental monitoring is an important aspect of managing shallow geothermal use, especially in densely settled urban areas. For that reason, GeoPLASMA-CE organized a session on “new approaches in monitoring shallow geothermal subsurface use”. Gregor Goetzl, coordinator of GeoPLASMA-CE, presented a case study  of monitoring a shallow groundwater body beneath the urban development area “Seestadt Aspern” in Vienna. Ruediger Grimm focused in his presentation on monitoring of closed loop systems in Germany.

Nottingham presentation

Further presentations in this session concerned the monitoring of a shallow groundwater body in Cardiff (UK), exploration strategies to delimitate a shallow groundwater body in Berlin (Germany) and new monitoring approached of geothermal wells in Slovenia. The short presentations were followed by a panel discussion on requirements and standards of monitoring in Europe. The participants agreed that monitoring is crucial for modern, integrative management circles, which are indicated in the figure below. 

management circle

Concept of integrative management circle on shallow geothermal use. Monitoring of large-scale installations leads provides data for regularly updates of resource and conflict layers at web based information systems.

Further discussions will take place during the next knowledge exchange workshop on monitoring of shallow geothermal use during the German Geothermal Congress 2018 (DGK 2018), held from November 27 to 29 in Essen, Germany