GeoPLASMA-CE seminar „Borehole heat exchangers – current state, barriers and development in Poland”

22. 5. 2018

The seminar was organized by Polish Geological Institute and Polish Heat Pumps Organization (PORT PC) with the support of AGH University of Science and Technology.

The increasing market growth of ground source heat pumps in Poland causes the need to reach the Polish society of borehole heat exchanger (BHE) drillers and designers with geological information and to disseminate them the ongoing and completed projects regarding the shallow geothermal energy. The response for invitation for the event was very positive – the seminar had over 50 attendees. During the meeting the National stakeholder survey questionnaires were distributed for the attendees.

The main aim of the seminar was to allow the knowledge and experience exchange between GEOPLASMA CE team working on strategies for Pilot Areas Kraków and Wałbrzych and the most active borehole heat exchanger drilling companies in Poland. Other aims of the seminar were to consolidate the polish society of drillers and designers of BHE’s and to improve the awareness about the environmental impact and hazards of BHE drilling and to maintain dynamic and safe growth of shallow geothermal energy market in Poland.

Seminar Warsaw
Seminar Warsaw

The attendance at the seminar was good. Shallow geothermal energy and ground-source heat pumps are definitely a "hot" topic.