Natural deposits of mineral waters and hot springs are well known in central Europe. Their healing power is widely used and they are important drivers of local and regional economies in health care, wellness and tourism sectors. However, a common challenge is the sustainable management of mineral and thermal waters which on one hand are a basis for the existence of spas and on the other hand are a subject of various threats and pressures related to economic and urban development, mass tourism and careless sector policies.

The Healing Places project aims at a more sustainable development of spas by protecting the unique resources that constitute their basis. The partners will extend knowledge and awareness regarding the influence of various factors on underground water deposits by building multi-level and multi-territorial governance models of managing natural spa resources. A crucial element of the project will be the construction of common, innovative and web-based tool for the assessment of threats and pressures on mineral and hot water deposits.

HealingPlaces main objective is to improve current management practices of mineral & hot water and other valuable natural resources at SPAs.

Planned approaches include participative planning, improvement of cross-sectoral cooperation & elaboration of action plans aiming at thermal water resources depletion, land use conflicts, human – wildlife conflicts, etc. Achieving of this goal will contribute to improving the environmental performance of studied SPAs, by reducing uncontrolled influence of SPAs development on thermal and mineral water resources depletion, as well as threats for environment. Experiences & knowledge generated in this project will be carefully disseminated, thus will contribute to improve environmental performance of other SPAs located in Central Europe.




round table discussion on water reuse in Slovenia

The Development Centre Novo mesto attended a round table on the topic of water reuse in Slovenia. During the consultation, experts from different fields presented how to achieve sustainable management of water resources  and discussed the needs for water reuse, what are the main obstacles to circular water management and where are the opportunities for more sustainable water management in Slovenia.



Visit to Lodzkie region, Poland.

Novo mesto Development Center participated in a visit of good water saving practices and its re-use in the Lodzkie region of Poland. The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with various technological approaches of wastewater treatment, monitoring of water quality and realization of water reuse in different sectors: industry, agriculture, public sector, tourism and recreation.



healingplaces at program dla slaska

Central Mining Institute (GIG) representatives presented HealingPlaces project during the congress "Program dla Śląska” (Program for Silesia Region) organized on 2nd – 3rd October 2019 in the Silesian Museum in Katowice (PL).



1st roundtable and workshop in Croatia

 “Current status and challenges of SPAs in Northwestern Croatia“

29-31 May 2019


Kick-off meeting in Katowice

 HealingPlaces project had it's kick-off meeting in Katowice between 29-31 May 2019. The project will be implemented by 2022 by local and regional authorities, development agencies and academic institutions from Poland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy.

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