Implementation of Sustainable Land Use in Integrated Environmental Management of Functional Urban Areas

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The objective of the LUMAT project is to implement sustainable land use and integrated environmental management pilot projects in 7 Central European Functional Urban Areas (FUAs).

The LUMAT partnership of cities and regions, environmental agencies and research institutions will develop integrated "Functional Areas Integrated Environmental Management Strategies” (FAIEMS) with shared transnational territorial and scientific competence.

FAMS will include planning strategies with innovative technology supported by citizen participation. Local stakeholders will initiate pilot projects by using new interactive information tools from the Urban Atlas and citizen observatories.

The applied concept of ecosystem services will support the assessment and decision-making process.
Implementation will be based on agreed action plans and pilot /demonstration projects for land and soil, including creating an informational foundation and tools for the management of urban-peri-urban relationships.

Action plans will include financial instruments and institutional solutions e.g. land management agencies or permanent intermunicipal working groups.

Tools on the FAMS methodology and participation will be an integrative part of the project (minimize threats and environmental compensation to achieve more liveable places, starting with the pilots regions). Topics addressed in the FAMS include, but are not limited to: successful brownfield redevelopment, green infrastructure and sustainable land use on contaminated land.

The project relies on the interplay between strategies and instruments beyond existing practice and on the appropriate and comprehensive deployment of tools in these areas.

The proposal has already been developed at regional stakeholders meetings and one international workshop in Vienna. All project partners have committed their engagement through Letters of Support to the Lead Partner of the LUMAT project.

The transfer of outputs and dissemination of activities includes international networks such as AESOP, ECTP-CEU and ISOCARP, METREX.

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Interactive Visualization Tool for Citizens Involvement: InViTo (link)

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Start Date

1 MAY 2016

End Date

31 July 2019