Managing Green Infrastructure in Central European Landscapes

MaGICLandscapes introduces to the green infrastructure concept and its benefits. In close cooperation with local stakeholders the project partners elaborate strategies and action plans for enhancing the existing  green infrastructure resource in Central Europe. The project promotes sustainable land-use by providing land managers, policy makers and communities with tools and knowledge. This will help them to assess green infrastructure planning and conservation approaches, also taking into account the transnational level and ensuring that mismatched management approaches are reduced.


Towards integrated environmental land management in Central Europe

MaGICLandscapes project presentation at LUMAT Project Final Conference

Modern cities, especially in Central Europe, face many challenges such as urban sprawl, soil sealing, brownfields or the necessity of protection of natural  spontaneous species occurring on degraded areas. Additionally the cities’  administration borders do not reflect physical, social, environmental or cultural links in cities. Therefore functional urban areas (FUA) are created which constitute spatially continuous settlement systems made up of separate administrative units, containing urban compact area with surroundings functionally connected with the urban core.

The final conference of LUMAT will focus on presenting and assessment of the project results. It will be also an opportunity for discussion on the present issues in land management with looking at the land as an environmental resource. On the conference MaGICLandscapes as further Central Europe project envisaging opportunities to enhance the green infrastructure resource in urban and rural areas is giving a presentation on the outputs so far. Thank you for invitation!

LUMAT project website

MaGICLandscapes Partner Meeting

14th-15th May 2019, Città Metropolitana di Torino

The Italian project partners Città Metropolitana Torino (CMTo) and the Italian National Agency for new Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) are welcoming the rest of the MaGICLandscapes partner consortium in Turin at CMTo premises. Beside the review of deliverables gained so far and the focus on upcoming tasks in the three work packages the partners are also get to know the local green infrastructure and successful GI projects around Turin and the River Po. The Interreg Alpine Space Project LOS_DAMA! will give a presentation on its outputs, after that will be time for discussion and knowledge exchange between the two Interreg projects with the same aim: green infrastructure for better living in and around cities as well as in rural spaces.

Header photo: Città Metropolitana di Torino/Francesco Mancuso


IALE World Congress 

Milano, 1rst-5th July 2019

The IALE 2019, the World Conference of Landscape Ecology, takes place in Milano. The topic of the international event is "Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology".

MaGICLandscapes will have an own symposium called "Implementing the Green Infrastructure Approach in Central Europe and beyond". More information about the contents of the symposium and organisers you can find HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you in Milano!

Header photo: Google 2019

5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe


The aim of the 5th edition of the Heritage Forum of Central Europe, to be held on 19–20 September 2019 at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, is to discuss and analyse the links and mutual dependencies between heritage and environment, both material and socio-cultural. MaGICLandscapes project partner VÚKOZ from Brno will held a presentation "Heritage expressed by historical landscape structures and its contribution to green infrastructure".


Case study areas



Transnational Framework of Green Infrastructure Assessment

  • Discover assessment needs in Central Europe 
  • Transnational large-scale assessment of green infrastructure


Work Package 2

Green Infrastructure Functionality Assessment

  • Develop assessment methods
  • Testing of methods in regional/local pilot actions 


Work package 3

Strategies for Intervention at European, Regional and Local Level

  • Develop local green infrastructure strategy/action plans
  • Training events in the use of the (planning) tools created for an improved green infrastructure


facts & figures

10 partners

5 countries

2.2 mio budget

33 Associated institutions

Project Duration

Start Date

1st July 2017

End Date

30th June 2020


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