Overview of Initiatives and Platforms to Fight Covid-19 in Central Europe 

In the last few days, numerous initiatives and instruments have developed in Central Europe to support the emergency services and the production of urgently needed protective equipment and spare parts in the fight against COVID-19. The following overview summarizes some examples of initatives and platforms that established in and across the SYNERGY project partner regions and countries. 

3Druck.com - Coronavirus
Overview of all projects that were started in the area of Additive Manufacturing to support covid-19 crisis.

And initiative of the Austrian Technology Platform AMA on 3D printing technology resources for corona prevention devices with survey for enquiries and for offers.


Additive Manufacturing Austria e.V. 

Various Austrian initiatives, which try to come up with solutions through innovation and technical understanding. This is some examples that have been reported in regional and local press. The information has been shared via the Additive Manufacturing e.V.  

Protective Equipment:
„Corona Products“, e.g. Plexiglas panels:
Main page established by the government in Croatia about the latest news related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Agency for SMEs to provide financial aid.
A BSO that listed all the avalible measures for SMEs.
3D print stručnjaci Hrvatska
Facebook group for collaboration – Additive Manufacturing.
Poduzetnici za poduzetnike Facebook group for collaboration – SMEs.
Paušalni obrtnici Facebook group for collaboration – Micro Entrepreneurs.

"Kreativci i IT-jevci za poduzetnike"​

LinkedIn page for collaboration – Creative Industries.

Maker vs. Virus   

Connects people/organizations in urgent need of equipment with makers and makerspaces that can produce them. 

Cooperation with various hubs to coordinate and manage the activities and even with storage capacities for central distribution of manufactured parts.

Regional Hubs, Examples:
https://fablab-bruchsal.de/en/ and https://mvv-ulm.org/STARTSEITE/

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) highly engages in the fight against Covid-19

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) introduced various initatives to support clinics with protective equipment (Press Release). The PIA group from Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI) thereby highly supports the Maker vs. Virus initiative and produces currently urgently needed face shields. The PIA groups works closely together with the company NewTec GmbH (Press Release) as well as with the Virus Hub Ulm and the FabLab Bruchsal.
Siemens AM Network Platform
Siemens opened their AM Network Platform to everyone who requires medical device design or print services. Through the network, designers and suppliers can be reached worldwide to prepare parts.
Give a Breath Challenge

Challenge (25.03. – 25.04.) by Munich Re and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with the vision to identify the best 3D-printable designs to enable the immediate, decentralised production of emergency ventilation equipment to save as many lives as possible. 
Coresponse - Covid-19 Respirator Open Source

Project by RWTH Aachen for the development of a simplified and easy to reproduce ventilation device that is built with the help of a 3D printer. The device is not developed as a medical device, but is intended to be used when the situation is at a point where the only remaining alternative would be using volunteers to operate BVMs manually.
3D Printing Fights Corona 
3D Printing fights Corona is an initiative of MGA together with its members and different key AM market players to build up the necessary infrastructure. Recent requirements and potential solutions are discussed in virtual sessions.
DIY Beatmungsgerät
Project resulted from the #WirVsVirusHackathon, which was initiated by the German federal government. The goal of the project is to build a DIY-ventilator based on an open source and open hardware design.
The Breathing Project
Project by the semiconductor photonics group at the University of Marburg that focuses on the development of simple ventilators that can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively.
CRP Technology on the front line in the fight against Covid-19 

Italy-based company that manufactures emergency valves for assisted ventilation with the help of Additive Manufacturing and Windform ® P1 isotropic material.


The project aims to exploit the EXSCALATE Platform along with the most powerful computing resources currently based in Europe to empower smart in-silico drug design as medical treatment. 


Nasce la task force italiana per l’utilizzo dei dati contro l’emergenza Covid-19

The Italian Ministry of technology innovation and digitalisation has created a multidisciplinary task force to evaluate and propose data-driven technology solutions to manage the health, economic and social emergency due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic

Przyłbice 3D dla lekarzy - okręg Wrocław

Facebook group for collaboration in 3D printing that aims to produce medical protective equipment that can be used by doctors during Covid-19 pandemic.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology supports production of medical protective equipment 
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and the Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies​(CAMT) activated 3D printing devices and optimised face shield design that can be used by activists and volunteers in the surrounding area. In addition, connectors for ventilation masks are produced.


Dedicated website on how to stop Coronavirus and information on the webpage of the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jozef Stefan Institute.

More information on…:

Across Central Europe and  International

Mobility and Transport Information (European Commission)

Covid-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal

Mobility and Transport Information (European Commission) webpage on Mobility and Transport measures of EU countries to keep essential transport moving (European Commission).

Covid-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal webpage that supports the efforts of industrial clusters to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe facilitating the interaction of industrial cluster community to allow fast and direct responses within the community itself, too. 

Care & Industry together against Covid-19 
ENN Flanders initiative and interactive platform to make targeted and time-efficient contacts with all actors in healthcare, industry, academia and government.
BioWin Coperation Platform COVID-19

Interactive platform that focuses on regional and national initiatives addressing different topics such as development of new treatments, new sources of funding, development and repair of ventilators, manufacturing/supply/recycling of masks and protective equipment and many others.

More information on the webpage of the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jozef Stefan Institute:

Note: The information is based on the information provided on the webpages of the different initatives and platforms and the SYNERGY project assumes no liability for the contents. 

Find more information on the activities of our project partners in our news articles on the website: 

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