Project Summary

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) promotes public engagement, gender equality, ethics, open access, risk-assessment, science education and good governance. A common challenge in Central Europe is lack of RRI knowledge, skills and policy frameworks. This shortage limits the potential for innovation that drives responsible economic growth, competitiveness and well-being. The main objective of the ROSIE project was to use transnational cooperation to improve skills among entrepreneurs and innovation actors to promote RRI among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Central Europe. Results of the project are tools and training module to improve RRI capacity, with a comprehensive RRI strategy and transnational Pilot to test tools and strategic proposals. Outputs benefit key innovation actors: public authorities gain a policy, framework, business support / sectoral agencies enhance SME support services, SMEs improve innovation processes.


The transnational approach used quadruple helix stakeholder engagement and covers: (1) Exchange and partner training on RRI tools that can help SMEs to understand RRI, identify RRI needs and define strategies, work with the innovation chain; (2) Development of RRI Road Maps in local & Central Europe areas, using transnational exchange and capitalisation; (3) Transnational Pilot Action (grouping nine local areas) for SME capacity building, RRI tool application and fund leverage.


The main outputs of the ROSIE project are the road maps (see particular results of road mapping in the compressed file) and national pilots. The road maps monitor the status of RRI in particular countries and propose the future steps for advanced implementation of RRI and its components. Piloting activities were focused on implementation of RRI principles in concrete SMEs and microcompanies in Central European Countries. 


More information about the ROSIE project is available on the Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow the new information resource on RRI - The Responsible Research & Innovation Weekly. It is regularly updated list of articles focused on RRI collected by the service. There are also two videos recorded by project partners from Italy and Hungary.

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Project Duration

Start Date

July 2017

End Date

June 2020

Project Partners

Project ROSIE has 11 partners from 8 countries and 5 associated partners.