Local stakeholders met in Venice

Last 16 February, the 3 Venice partners met their stakeholders to discuss on the planned pilot activities in Porto Marghera.

About 25 technicians and experts from the most relevant institutions and enterprises based in Porto Marghera attended the meeting. The meeting was aimed at informing on the foreseen activities and expected results and foster their contribution for a more effective implementation of the work.
After an introductory speech by the Manager of the City of Venice EU Policies Division who provided a general overview of the project, all the technical representatives of the 3 partners in charge of the pilot actions being implemented in the Venice area (City of Venice, Veneto Region and North Adriatic Sea Port Authority)  took the floor to describe in detail their pilot activities and investments. 
For the City of Venice, the officers in charge for Economic Development Office and Remediation Office respectively presented the studies already completed as well as the reports still in phase of implementation, highlighting the very close connection between the environmental and economic aspects to define the general potential of Porto Marghera.
For the Veneto Region, the technical expert in charge for the activity, explained the design and the implementation of the air quality monitoring system in brownfield of Porto Marghera, underlining the need to take into account the level of subsoil contamination as well as the emissions of traffic or other agents during the monitoring process.
Then, the expert of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority described the sustainable capping test in phase of implementation in the former Montesyndial area of Porto Marghera.
Finally, all the stakeholders have been invited to participate in the pilot phase and after and specify their ideas.