Entrepreneurship is a powerful driver of economic growth and job creation. Our regions will become stronger when they encourage the development of financially secure and independent companies. This is especially true if relevant authorities started supporting all potential entrepreneurs, including migrants. 

The SEE ME IN project will contribute to this by strengthening entrepreneurship among migrants in central Europe. The project will analyse enterprises that were already established by migrants, identify their needs in terms of running a business or their integration into the urban or local environment; as well as train them, test a new cloud hub support and business to business learning.  

The project will develop a general framework for the empowerment of immigrant enterprises. This framework will help to evaluate and target the specificities of countries and sectors involved. It will be supported by a modular and flexible ICT platform that delivers key tools for management, business processes, and marketing and communication. The framework will also modify regional services so that they better fit the needs of enterprises established by citizens with immigration background.

questionnaire and the competencies assessment

Take 15 minutes of your time to test your  entrepreneurial competencies! Answer the on line questionnaire. Click the link below.