What is SENTINEL about?

From the 1st of June 2017 the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta is cooperating with 9 Central European partner organizations for a 3 year period to implement a transnational project aimed at developing and testing tools and methods for helping social enterprises.

Demographic changes have started in recent years, increasing social segregation and disintegration, especially in rural areas, represent serious economic challenges for the countries of the Central European region. In these regions social enterprises, if they are helped by a supportive environment, can be real drivers of social inclusion and work integration. Sentinel can help here, first of all, as a guardian or a mentor to encourage these social enterprises, which in many Central European disadvantaged regions provide almost the only job opportunity for local people.The main goal of the project is to reduce regional inequalities in the participating countries and to strengthen social enterprises.

Project Partners

What makes social enterprise viable? How can people, who are living in underprivileged region and don’t have a job, get one? The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Málta are looking for answers in 6 Middle-European countries with 10 partner organisation in a new programe called SENTINEL.

Partnership meeting in Rzeszów

The next partnership meeting of SENTINEL will be organized in Rzeszów, Poland. The partners will discuss "where are we now", there will be a brainstorming on transnational social enterprise  advocacy network and partners will take part at a study visit. 

In Rzeszów the whole partnership will spend together two days. Partners will discuss the communication activities in the 2nd half of the project, the Pilot Study Visits, for example: how to sharing experience and lessons learnt, highlighting the main outcomes regarding the already organized Pilot Study Visit in Czech Republic, how to communicate about the pilot progress. And there will be also a financial and administrative sesson with other thematic issues.

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