STREFOWA- Strategies to Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe

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International Blogger Meeting

Join us in Vienna for the International Blogger Meeting!

This is your chance to meet other bloggers and share your work with others as well as get to know new and interesting ideas to #reducefoodwaste!  It is not only about food waste prevention itself but also about the role of bloggers in social change. 

We invite your to join this meeting and find ideas and solutions together with other bloggers, food waste experts as well as food waste start ups in Vienna!

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We are here to #reducefoodwaste in Central europe

STREFOWA aims to reduce and management food waste in Central Europe. The participating countries are Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Together we report the current knowledge on food waste amounts in the five selected countries as well as the quantities of food waste that are prevented by the currently existing best practices in food waste prevention activities/initiatives. Find our results in the Best Practice on Food Waste Prevention Report and the Status Quo Report on food wasted in Central Europe to download here:

STREFOWA Food Waste Hackathons

Let's #reducefoodwaste together!

From the community for the community!

Do you want to be part of the solution and spend a weekend with us to come up together with actionable solutions to #reducefoodwaste in your country? In all 5 STREFOWA countries we dedicate one weekend to hack food waste, meaning we try to come up with ideas for apps or websites that help distribute food surplus to people, who want to use it, or apps, that help households waste less or shop and store wiser.  Find out about our Food Waste Hackathons and stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter here. Read here about our Food Waste Hackathons:  

Food Waste Hackathon in Vienna

4 teams worked on ideas to #reducefoodwaste in Austrian households and on farms. Follow this link for more information. 

Food Waste Hackathon in Prague

3 teams took on the challenges to #reducefoodwaste in their country to support donation of food waste on the charity and the retailer side and to raise awareness amongst kids.  For more information follow this link.

#reducefoodwaste online tool to find your solution to #reducefoodwaste for your situation coming soon ...


Partners from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland will work for 3 years to add all their knowledge and information that already exists on #reducingfoodwaste in an interactive online tool that will provide useful tips and strategies for everyone, who wants to help reduce food waste.


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