Successful SUSTREE workshop in Laufen, Germany

35 scientists, policy makers and practitioners met in sunny Bavaria from 27 – 29 March 2017 at an event organized by the Bavarian Office for Forest Seeding and Planting (ASP). The aim was to get a better understanding of the national legislation on forest reproductive material in Central Europe.

The discussions on the first day of the meeting highlighted the differences between the represented countries regarding the legislation of forest reproductive material (FRM). The countries of the EU are executing their national rules according to the European Directive 1999/105/EC [Act of Forest Reproductive Material, 2003]. The directive can be understood as baseline for national legislature, thus it is up to the member states to decide how strict they are regulating their markets. This leads to the situation that some European countries allow the trade with FRM from outside the country (e.g. Austria, Germany) while in other countries it is mandatory to only use national FRM (e.g. Czech republic, Slovakia). Another relevant topic discussed was the absence of considerations of climate change in the current legal texts. 

The involved partners met on the second day for a working meeting to review the current national registers on FRM. Every EU member state has to administer a publicly list on tree species and the reproductive material harvested, being available in different categories. The main problems are that these lists differ in content, quality, being up-to-date and languages. One aim of the project is to create a harmonized database on FRM. Earlier projects as the FOREMATIS database will be taken as examples to learn from.

On the last day the participants of the workshop decided on the next steps laying ahead, upcoming tasks were distributed and future meetings scheduled.

To guarantee a smooth communication and collaboration of all parties involved such meetings are of great importance. We want to thank the organizers of the meeting for a smooth course of the event and all participants for their coming and contributions!