Capacity Building & Policy Integration

work package No.3

This work package strives to involve all those actors not represented as partners, but relevant for the theme and sector. By means of  3 regional capacity building events, knowledge of these regional stakeholders will be integrated into the project. Further 3 transnational capacity building events aim at mutual learning from the project implementation in all participating regions. Policy integration of the developed strategy and action plans foremost requires the willingness of policy makers to respond to new challenges with new approaches. In order to ensure that at an early stage, a transnational policy conference will be conducted in Erfurt in 2019, which shall raise awareness among politicians and administrators of the transport sector for the envisaged policy adjustments.

capacity building eventsThree regional and transnational events each are conducted to facilitate mutual learning on specific topics.
revised Regional
Transport Plans
Policy integration of the SubNodes Strategy and the findings of subsequent project implementation will result in the revision of nine regional transport plans.