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ChemLog Project


Chemical-producing locations in central and eastern Europe suffer from several transport infrastructure bottlenecks, especially when it comes to west-east transport, which constitutes a strong disadvantage for the industry. The ChemLog project helped to strengthen the competitiveness of the chemical industry by improving conditions for chemical supply chain management in central and eastern Europe. The project brought together regional authorities, chemical industry associations and scientific institutes from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.

The partners implemented several feasibility studies analysing the potential to improve intermodal transport of chemical goods in central and eastern Europe by increasing the proportion of non-road transport. The Ministry of Regional Development and Transport in Saxony-Anhalt analysed the potential for a shift in transport modes along the Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Corridor II, from Berlin to Warsaw and Moscow. The study identified the potential to shift 4.3 million tons of cargo to intermodal transport by 2025.

Based on the conclusions of the study, regional stakeholders from Germany started a discussion to develop a terminal network that creates hubs for bundling shipments to central and eastern Europe. The analysis of Corridor II served to intensify discussion between the Polish Ministry of Transport, the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry and important logistics service providers – all of whom are seeking better intermodal connections to Poland and also Russia.

Partners from the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Province of Novara in Italy and Slovakia analysed the improvement of intermodal transport alongside TEN-T Corridor V. They identified a lack of bi-modal cleaning stations, which can address the needs of both truck and train containers for chemical transport along this route. Together these partners began a discussion about the creation of a European Cleaning Station Network, and promoted plans for building new cleaning stations in Zahony (Hungary), Novara (Italy) and Cierna (Slovakia).