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Here you will find an overview of relevant upcoming events - organised by the programme, our projects or other organisations. If you are interested in documentation from our past events follow the links below.


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InnoFinance 2019

26th March 2019


Crowdfunding and Blockchain - the InnoFinanceSummit 2019 will be discussing new alternative forms of financing for SMEs. The German Project Partner ikosom is hosting the summit as part of the deliverable "Crowdfunding Fair" in the Crowdfundport discussion. The event takes place under the patronage of the Ministry  for Economics, Science and Digital Society in Thuringia. Other partners are the German Crowdfunding Association and the Thuringian Centre for Business Start-ups and Entrepreneurship - Microfinance Agency.

More information: https://innofinance2019.de/en/start-page-english/

SMART_watch workshops for Regional Observatories and study visits

On 27-29 March in Kapfenberg, Austria will take place international workshop meeting followed by study visits and best practices sharing.

Workshops will be preceded by the Steering Committee and Technical Meeting, where Project Partners representatives will debate about the status of deliverables and upcoming deadlines. 

The agenda of the meeting will be published soon. 

Local info day in Warsaw-Creative Mikser #19: Nowa Fala Rzemiosła

Creative Mikser #19: New wave of craftsmanshipOn Thursday, 28 March, at 6 p. m. , the Museum of Warsaw Praga (50/52 Targowa Street) will host another meeting of the creative industry. Representatives of the Polish and British artisan crafts market will reflect on how to support the local craftsmanship sector wisely and effectively. The 19th edition of the Creative Mikser will be devoted to the subject of a new wave of craftsmanship. During the meeting with the participation of Polish craftsmen and artists, the participants will discuss how to protect crafts threatened with extinction, what are the effective way of transferring knowledge in this field to future generations. The meeting will also address the issue of whether the knowledge passed on by the masters of craftsmanship gives perspectives to youn designers/craftsmen for a prosperous business. The special guest of the meeting will be Neil Brownsword, artist and professor of ceramics at Staffordshire and Bergen Universities.Polish craftsmen will also take part in the meeting:- Jacek Kamiński, a shoemaker for four decades, continues his family tradition. His uncle, Brunon Kamiński, learned shoemaking from the age of 12. In 1943 he opened an artistic shoe studio „Brunon" in Warsaw, at Nowy Świat Street.Jacek Kamiński began his education at his uncle's in th 70's. After his uncle's death, he took over his studio.- Tomasz Pietrzak, also a shoemaker, is the owner of a shoemaker's workshop located at Targowa Street and bearing his name.This is how it advertises its services: „In the world of disposable and mass shoes, we focus on the quality of workmanship and care for our favourite shoes.”- Filip Stanowski, owner of the „Old Prague"; art gallery existing since 1981, founded by his father.The Gallery, located in a pre-war tenement house at Brzeska Street in Warsaw's Praga district, sell and renovates „old furniture&quot („antiques").- Olga Milczyńska, co-founder of the August design studio. He creates ceramics, designs everyday objects and takes care of photography. The basis of the design philosophy is careful observation o man and his environment, functionality of objects and everyday, small joys.Moderator: Katarzyna Chudyńska - Szuchnik – curator, the Praga Museum of WarsawHosts: Michał Olszewski (Deputy President of Warsaw), Ewa Ayton (Head Arts & Culture, British Council)The discussion will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibition at the Warsaw Praga Museum – „Praga as a design. Design with craftsmanship”.Creative Mikser #19 is the next in a series of meetings of the creative industry, organized by the City of Warsaw and the British Council Poland since 2011.The partner of this edition of Creative Mikser is the project Forget Heritage - Innovative, sustainable and replicable models of public-private cooperation in the protection of abandoned objects of historical value by strengthening the cultural and creative sector. This is an international project, on of the partners is the City of Warsaw. The aim of the project is to develop a management model for the Creative Centre Nowa Praga in Praga District (ul. Targowa 80A and Inżynierska 3). There will be workshops for craftsmen, conference rooms, a café club, spaces for workshop meetings and socialactivities. Exhibitions, cultural and educational activities will also be organized there.The meeting will be held in Polish and English; translation into Polish will be provided. We also provide a PJM interpreter for the event.Free admission.Ogranizers:British CouncilCity of Warsaw (https://www.facebook.com/KreatywnaWarszawa/)Partners:Muzeum Warszawy,Forget Heritage,Open Heritige,August Design,Galeria Sztuki Stara PragaArtystyczna Pracownia Obuwia „Brunon”Pracownia Szewska Tomasz PietrzakMedia Patronage:Notes na 6 tygodni,Projekt Pracownie,PurposeYou can find the Facebook event HERE.

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Announcement of the CE-HEAT final conference

31 March – 2 April 2019

We are pleased to announce the CE-HEAT final conference, which will be held within the International Conference of SZE under the Motto “Sustainable and Clean Energy Supply for Heating and Cooling”.

WHERE: In Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia.
WHEN: From 31 March to 2 April 2019.

The goal of the CE-HEAT final conference is to promote outputs from the CE-HEAT project to key target groups. The project has delivered valuable results spanning a number of practical support tools for waste heat utilization, regional action plans and applied pilot projects in participating countries – Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. 

CE-HEAT Agenda Special session at International Conference of SZE 1.4.2019

Crossfertilisation and project idea development workshops

2-3 April 2019

The aim of our upcoming workshops is twofold:  We want to encourage further coordination and better sustainability of outputs and results of our approved projects through crossfertilisation as we believe that this can lead to increased cooperation and coordination in our central Europe community. And we want to support applicants in developing ideas and matchmaking for our upcoming experimental call. 

 As a result of the workshops, participants will have:

  • Gained knowledge about results and outputs of other Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects
  • Gained knowledge about the objective and procedures of the experimental fourth call
  • Started discussions about outputs & results to be taken up and utilised 

The workshops are targeted exclusively at beneficiaries of approved Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects. Due to capacity reasons, participation is limited to a maximum of 4 participants per project of the first two calls and to lead partners of third call projects.

We expect you to present the project you represent in short pitch and in a poster visualising your 2-3 most promising project outputs and results. Read more on how to prepare


Partnership meeting in Rzeszów

The next partnership meeting of SENTINEL will be organized in Rzeszów, Poland between the 2-3 April. The partners will discuss "where are we now", there will be a brainstorming on transnational social enterprise  advocacy network and partners will take part at a study visit. 

In Rzeszów the whole partnership will spend together two days. Partners will discuss the communication activities in the 2nd half of the project, the Pilot Study Visits, for example: how to sharing experience and lessons learnt, highlighting the main outcomes regarding the already organized Pilot Study Visit in Czech Republic, how to communicate about the pilot progress. And there will be also a financial and administrative sesson with other thematic issues.

Discover with us exciting novel views on Industrial Culture and experience an authentic place!


We are looking forward to welcoming you on 4/4/19 in the region Zwickau: engine of industrial production in Saxony, beating heart of industrial culture and central venue for the Saxon Exhibition Industry-Culture-People 2020.

Since 2016, industrial regions outside the metropolises are engaging with their culture in the EU project InduCult2.0. Now, at the end of the project, we can state: This culture is specific, multi-layered and highly suitable as a carrier of regional identity and image. 

Such an industrial culture ties in with the industrial heritage, but goes far beyond it: It is as much the result of the productive present and even provides space for discussion of the industrial future to be shaped. We have coined the term Living Industrial Culture for this.

In the past two and a half years, eight Central European partner regions have conceived and implemented a wide range of innovative measures to test this approach in practice. The results are promising; they are currently being evaluated by two scientific partner institutions.

At the end of the project, we would like to share the main findings of this cooperation experts from Central Europe. 

We present a manifold agenda with exciting, both practical and strategic contributions, workshops and forums.

More info and registration: https://register.inducult.eu/

The conference will be simultaneously translated into English and German.

XI Charter Network Meeting 2019 - registrations are open!

April 9th - 11tTzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora National Park, Greece

The XI Charter Network Meeting will take place in Tzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora National Park in Greece, from the 9th to the 11th April, and will gather representatives from Sustainable Destination adhered to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Network. More information and registrations here.

3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology, Stuttgart, Germany

The Fraunhofer Alliance Food, the Fraunhofer Alliance on Nanotechnology, 
and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR invite you to their third Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology in spring 2019. This time, the event is hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart.

Project TOGETHER: closing conference in Zagreb - 10 April 2019

Next 10 April 2019 the final conference of the project TOGETHER will be held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Conference agenda

Focus IN CD 6th targeted event in Maribor

Maribor - 12th April 2019

Towards integrated environmental land management in Central Europe

MaGICLandscapes project presentation at LUMAT Project Final Conference

Modern cities, especially in Central Europe, face many challenges such as urban sprawl, soil sealing, brownfields or the necessity of protection of natural  spontaneous species occurring on degraded areas. Additionally the cities’  administration borders do not reflect physical, social, environmental or cultural links in cities. Therefore functional urban areas (FUA) are created which constitute spatially continuous settlement systems made up of separate administrative units, containing urban compact area with surroundings functionally connected with the urban core.

The final conference of LUMAT will focus on presenting and assessment of the project results. It will be also an opportunity for discussion on the present issues in land management with looking at the land as an environmental resource. On the conference MaGICLandscapes as further Central Europe project envisaging opportunities to enhance the green infrastructure resource in urban and rural areas is giving a presentation on the outputs so far. Thank you for invitation!

LUMAT project website

Open Day at the Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen

April 18th 2019 - From 10:00h to 17:00 - Granitzhaus, Granit, Island of Rügen, Germany

Next April 18th, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen will celebrate the CEETO Protected Areas Open Days. This is a unique opportunity to know the park and some of the businesses and associations that carry out their activity in it.


Morning (10.00h to 13.00h):

  • Official Opening of the new Exhibition of the Biosphere Reserves Information Center (by invitation).
  • European Charter Awards.

Afternoon (14:00h to 17:00h):

  • Guided hiking tours in the Granitz with Biosphere Reserve Rangers.
  • Access to the Exhibition.
  • Information stand on CEETO Project.
  • Children Activities (environmental Education).

Get more information on the Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen, or watch the park´s video presentation:

Horizon 2020 Info Day on the 4th call of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE

7 May 2019

In the upcoming experimental call for proposals, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE will support the roll out and uptake of project outputs and results in coordination with directly managed EU programmes such as Horizon 2020. 

The Horizon 2020 Info Day will offer an opportunity for lead applicants to present their initial project ideas to potential partners from the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes.  It is going to be organised by the European Commission's DG RTD.

As a result of the Horizon 2020 Info Day, central European research stakeholders will have:

  • Gained knowledge about the objective and procedures of the experimental fourth call
  • Gained knowledge about project ideas building on results and outputs of approved Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects
  • Started initial discussions about participating in a project proposal

At the same time, the Horizon 2020 Info Day will allow potential lead applicants to:

  • Present their project ideas and existing project results
  • Express their needs in terms of missing partners and results
  • Start discussions with potentially interested FP7/Horizon 2020 organisations

Registration will open in April.

EU Green Week

13-17 May 2019

Environmental laws have a huge impact on our life. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature, and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws have to be properly implemented.

The next edition of EU Green Week 2019 will put this process of environmental implementation into the spotlight. We'll be asking questions like – do these laws really matter, and what the added benefits are for citizens? What does successful implementation look like? Why do "implementation gaps" exist? How can we move from knowing that stakeholders need to take ownership of these laws to actually making it happen? And most importantly, how can the EU facilitate the process, making sure that citizens' voices are heard?  

EU Green Week 2019 will include events across Europe, with the official opening event on 13 May in one of the Member States and a high-level summit in Brussels from 15 to 17 May. The opening event will have a particular prominence, setting the tone for the Week's debates. The closing of Green Week will take place at the end of the Brussels Conference and will showcase the political conclusions from the Week.

The call for proposals for Partner Events is now online.

Register and read more

MaGICLandscapes Partner Meeting

14th-15th May 2019, Città Metropolitana di Torino

The Italian project partners Città Metropolitana Torino (CMTo) and the Italian National Agency for new Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) are welcoming the rest of the MaGICLandscapes partner consortium in Turin at CMTo premises. Beside the review of deliverables gained so far and the focus on upcoming tasks in the three work packages the partners are also get to know the local green infrastructure and successful GI projects around Turin and the River Po. The Interreg Alpine Space Project LOS_DAMA! will give a presentation on its outputs, after that will be time for discussion and knowledge exchange between the two Interreg projects with the same aim: green infrastructure for better living in and around cities as well as in rural spaces.

Header photo: Città Metropolitana di Torino/Francesco Mancuso



14. May 2019, Budapest, Hungary

The final conference of the MOVECIT project will be held on 14. May 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. 

The agenda will follow soon. 

Stay tuned!

Workshop at TEH #87 // Heritage sites: Letting Culture in

How transnational cooperation projects help to bring life back to abandoned heritage sites by letting culture inIn this workshop, participants will learn about transnational cooperative approaches and their possibilities of involvement in European projects in general and in through details about the Central Europe Interreg V project Forget Heritage. Afterwards we will focus on projects with the specialized aim to bring the needs of citizens and cultural creatives together with the opportunities of cultural enabling spaces like abandoned heritage sites.The participants learn how to become an eye-level partner, how to find out transferable solutions across borders of nations and spheres of the societies and how to influence with this strategy national policies, develop human resources and strengthen local managerial systems. The workshop is interesting for cultural project managers with public administration background on local and regional level and also for independent cultural operators with the motivation to work on an European level in their concrete local and daily practice connected to formally abandoned cultural spaces.Workshop facilitator: Maria TrunkFor joining the workshop you have to register for the conference.About the conference:TEH (Trans Europe Halles) Conference #87 aims to share and exchange methods for activating civil society and independent creative and cultural actors through artistic means and strategies, the training of stakeholders and the development of recommendations for action for the cultural and creative industries.You can find the Facebook event HERE.

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RAINMAN Partner meeting

04. - 05. June 2019, Wroclaw, Poland

More information will follow soon...

10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

12-13 June 2019

2019 Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is hosted by Pomorskie Region. Around 800 participants representing public and private institutions, academia, NGOs will gather to discuss topics very much related to the future of the Baltic Sea Region, as: demographic change, circular and sharing economy.

The Forum will explore the link between the EU Baltic Sea Strategy and growing challenges such as depopulation, ageing, migrations, new production and consumption models, but also new social, cultural, mobility and labour market patterns, which influence our everyday behaviours and attitudes.

Read more

EU Sustainable Energy Week

17-21 June 2019

Shape Europe´s energy future and join the European Sustainable Energy Week! You can discuss, network as well as use your attendace to EUSEW 2019 as the opportunity to showcase your actions towards sustainable energy-efficient Europe. 

Policy Conference

The highlight of EUSEW 2019 is the conference that features diverse programme of sessions and side events aimed at discussing and shaping Europe's energy future. Until 28 January you can apply to host a session


Public and private organisations have a chance to submit their contributions to feature in the networking area. Contributors and presenters are selected by the European Commission, with an emphasis on interactive activities that encourage audience participation.  The call for networking activities will open in January 2019.

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EU Sustainable Energy Awards 

The Energy Awards recognise outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewables. Finalists are chosen from a shortlist of the year’s most successful projects for clean, secure and efficient energy. 

Submit your project that has helped the citizens, industry and the public sector work towards the Energy Union. Your activities might be rewarded by a prestigous European Award. Apply until 11 February!

Energy Days

Energy Days encourage citizens and stakeholders to discover and debate the major issues driving the transition to sustainable energy. They take place throughout the months of May and June. Anyone can organise an Energy Day in his/her region for  any audience; perhaps investors in new technology or families who want to promote clean energy.  

Read more

Project Implementation Training

Vienna, Austria

The project implementation training is targeted at Project and Finance Managers of the approved third call Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects. It will provide them with technical support and advice on better implementation of their  projects. They will learn more about how to prepare the audit trails and progress reports. 

The registration will open end of April. Please mark the date in your calendars.

IALE World Congress 

Milano, 1rst-5th July 2019

The IALE 2019, the World Conference of Landscape Ecology, takes place in Milano. The topic of the international event is "Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology".

MaGICLandscapes will have an own symposium called "Implementing the Green Infrastructure Approach in Central Europe and beyond". More information about the contents of the symposium and organisers you can find HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you in Milano!

Header photo: Google 2019

5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe


The aim of the 5th edition of the Heritage Forum of Central Europe, to be held on 19–20 September 2019 at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, is to discuss and analyse the links and mutual dependencies between heritage and environment, both material and socio-cultural. MaGICLandscapes project partner VÚKOZ from Brno will held a presentation "Heritage expressed by historical landscape structures and its contribution to green infrastructure".


RAINMAN Partner meeting and Steering Group

24. - 25. September 2019, Budweis, Czech Republic

More information will follow soon...

RAINMAN Partner meeting

03. - 04. December 2019, Graz, Austria

More information will follow soon...