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Here you will find an overview of relevant upcoming events - organised by the programme, our projects or other organisations. If you are interested in documentation from our past events follow the links below.


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8th Project team meeting

Poznan (PL), 20th-21st January

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The next INNO-WISEs team meeting is soon!

The Project partners are meeting, with the project Sterring committee on the 20th and 21st January in Poznan, Poland. 

The main aim of the meeting is to discuss about the:

  • Preparing the end of the project, and most importantly, the Project final event;
  • Checking the project platform so evenrything is perfect when it is finally public;
  • Preparing the next Masterclass.

The meeting programme is available here

Webinar #7 Social Innovation Policies - What role can hybrid business models play in generating social innovation?

The purpose of the webinar is to demonstrate the essence and role of the hybrid business model in the development of sustainable business operations from both a business and a social perspective through concrete examples and case studies, 
Our expert: Dr. Volker Then the the managing director of the Center for Social Investment and Innovation (CSI) at Heidelberg University will work with participants to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the role of the hybrid business model in initiating cross-sectoral dialogue and cooperation in generating social innovation?
  • How does the model relate to social innovation and the policy level?
  • What concrete examples and business models can be used to understand hybrid operation?

Secure your spot by registering at this link.

Agglomeration Forum in Budapest

Budapest (Hungary) - February 21, 2020

Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony invites all mayors from the agglomeration to discuss necessary changes and steps towards better air quality, including local regulations on green waste burning, co-operation among local municipalities and State Offices. An expert of the AWAIR project will give a presentation on policy recommendation and best practices will also be highlighted. 

The EU-Japan Clusters and Regions Cooperation Event

27-29 April 2020

The European Commission, the EU Japan Regional Cooperation Helpdesk and the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation jointly organise the EU-Japan Clusters and Regions/Prefectures Cooperation Event on 27-29 April 2020 in Strasbourg, France.

The event’s main objective is to support clusters, European regions and Japanese prefectures in their function of networking organisations by fostering the creation of long-term strategic partnerships between European organisations and Japanese partners. Furthermore, by gathering representatives from networking organisations, regions and prefectures, the event is a unique and novel opportunity for clusters to promote business by taking advantage of the recently enforced EU and Japan's Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the recently signed EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) and the Sustainable Connectivity Partnership. Hence, the event especially welcomes cluster organisations that bring their regional representative with them and have articulated interest in cooperation with Japanese counterparts.

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MaGICLandscapes Final Conference & Green Infrastructure Symposium

On 27th and 28th of May 2020 MaGICLandscapes will be holding its Final Conference and hosting an International Green Infrastructure Symposium with guest speakers from across Europe. Both events take place at Technische Universität Dresden. The project will present its outputs and tools of the project and its 9 case study areas on the first day. On the second day will be an International Green Infrastructure Symposium, bringing together GI professionals from across Europe to share their experiences and best practice from implementing green infrastructure. 





Header illustration: Anja Maria Eisen


EU Green Week

1-5 June 2020

EU Green Week 2020 will focus on nature and biodiversity. All around the globe, biodiversity is disappearing as a result of unsustainable human activities. This loss is closely connected to climate change, and the combined effect of this unprecedented crisis is disrupting the ecosystems that support life on Earth, with devastating consequences for human well-being and prosperity. While the situation is extremely serious, there is still hope. Solutions exist, but they require deep and transformative changes in the way we produce, consume and trade.

EU Green Week will explore possible pathways for change, and examine how a range of EU policies like the European Green Deal can help protect, restore and sustainably manage nature, leaving it room to recover and thrive. This year’s Green Week will act as a milestone on the path to the COP 15 conference in Kunming, China, in October 2020, where world leaders will adopt a new 10-year action plan for biodiversity – a new global deal for people and nature.

2020 will be a landmark year. EU Green Week 2020 is your opportunity to meet up with people at the heart of the process.

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The EU Sustainable Energy Week

22-26 June 2020

Shape Europe's energy future and join the European Sustainable Energy Week #EUSEW2020!  Every year the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and EASME) organises the EU Sustainable Energy Week  – the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. This year’s edition will cover four elements across the EU: the Policy Conference, Networking Village, EUSEW Awards, and the Energy Days.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2020 will take place in Brussels from 22 to 26 June 2020, with a Policy Conference and Networking Village running from 23 to 25 June 2020. 

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