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The Annual Forum 2017 of the EU Alpine Strategy

23-24 November 2017

The Annual Forum 2017 of the EU Alpine Strategy will take place on 23 and 24 November 2017 in the Munich BMW Welt. During the Annual Forum, the political representatives of the member states and regions will present the implementation measures undertaken during the Bavarian presidency to the public, engage in discussions with citizens, associations, businesses, municipalities and institutions, and give an outlook on the future implementation of the Strategy.

During the Annual Forum, there will be a large Citizens’ Forum open to the general public, with numerous opportunities for information and participation.

Further information on this event will be available as of September 2017 on the EU Alpine Strategy website.

First Train-the-trainer seminar

Train-the-trainer seminar on preservation of cultural heritage

The first of three Train-the-trainer seminars will be held in Erfurt on the 27th of November 2017 handling issues regarding preservation of cultural heritage.

The capacity building within this project is foreseen to occur in several steps. Train-the-trainer seminars are the first towards an increase of knowledge and capacities in the regions. The trainings have three thematic foci: preservation, stakeholder alignment and promotion. Once the trainers gather in international seminars to gain new inputs and insights on these topics, they pass this information, once adapted to the local reality, to the actors in the regions.

Some of the main goals of the Train-the-trainer seminar on preservation are supporting international network, communication and exchange of expertise and experience, guarantee a common baseline among involved territories, secure the availability and suitability of provided inputs at regional and local level, present innovative approaches in preservation of cultural heritage, especially regarding funding options and provide hints on key issues to be observed in preservation projects and strategies. The seminar will be based on a pre-developed curriculum, content to be provided to the attendants and will be enriched through interactive working sessions in which the attendants will apply the acquainted knowledge and inputs in practical examples and group discussions. The outcomes of this working sessions will be used to further develop the curricula on preservation.

The trainers will be directly engaged by the project partners in charge of implementing the local trainings.

If you would like to know more about the programme for this event click here

National Info Day - Italy

28 November 2017

Our network of national contact points (NCPs) provides specific national information to applicants. In view of the third call for proposals, NCPs will organise national info days. More information is provided in national languages below. 

Appuntamento a Torino il 28 novembre per una mattinata dedicata al terzo bando. Il Punto di Contatto Nazionale presenterà Obiettivi Specifici e sistema nazionale di controllo e risponderà alle domande del pubblico sui dettagli del bando.

L’agenda e il form di registrazione sono disponibili sul sito del Punto di Contatto Nazionale.

ECRR Policy Conference

First big open event in the frame of ECRR

Almost at the middle of the project's implementation, the first big open event is taking place in Erfurt on the 28th of November 2017.

By then the main steps setting the base for the European Cultural Route of Reformation will be made. Organized right after the closing of the 500th Reformation Jubilee, ECRR aims at positioning itself and the Route as a stable and sustainable option to keep Reformation and its cultural heritage activated, independently from special celebrations and commemorations, as well as to raise awareness about the high diversity within Reformation movements and processes. The event seeks to enable networking amongst relevant actors from all the involved regions and foster a feeling of unity and belonging among them. At the same time, the importance and potential of cultural heritage, Reformation cultural heritage and European Cultural Routes for regional development, tourism and education should be highlighted and made aware to all participants.

The final goal of this event is the "ceremonial" signing of the TAP by some of the Route's founding members.

The registration is open until the 31st of October under this link: bit.ly/2vaAtJ1

Here you can find the programme of the event in English and in German:

Programme in English

Programm auf Deutsch


SULPiTER Webinar on Freight Quality Partnership

Apply to attend our webinar foreseen for November 28th, 2017

Description of the training event

The SULPiTER project is glad to invite you to the next webinar targeted to authorithies dealining with city logistics problems.

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The trainings are organized by the project SULPiTER (Sustainable Urban Logistics PlannIng To Enhance Regional freight transport) with the aim to develop and to improve the Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans (SULPs) in Functional Urban Areas. SULP, as part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, is specific for freight and for this reason some activities are slightly different from the general mobility. 

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In this webinar we will learn how to setup and organize a Freight Quality Partnership, groups of transport operators and local authorities that come together to deal with matters of freight access

 and deliveries in a particular location.

The key note speech will be held by Prof. Michael Browne, visiting Professor at the University of Gothenburg and former Professor at the University of Westminster in London.

About the speaker: Prof. Michael Browne

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"I have been a full-time professor at the University of Gothenburg since 2015 having been part of the Visiting Professor Program for the previous three years. My main research focus is on urban goods transport and I provide academic leadership for the Urban Freight Platform a joint University of Gothenburg and Chalmers initiative supported by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF). I am committed to engaging practitioners and policy-makers with the research community to focus on all aspects of logistics that impact on future patterns of urban goods transport and logistics. I also work on broader research topics research concerned with many issues in sustainable logistics including: e-commerce and home delivery, energy use in the supply chain and the interaction of policy and business decisions. The importance of working with stakeholders in in the cities. Prior to moving to Gothenburg in 2015 I worked for over 20 years at the University of Westminster in London and I continue to chair the Central London Freight Quality Partnership bringing together London boroughs, Transport for London and a range of businesses and their representative associations. I teach on courses in logistics and sustainability and also retail logistics" (source: University of Gothengurg official website).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
  • Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends
    • Yes it is ok. Please make sure that for each participant there is a different registratio
  • What is the link to the webinar?
    • After your registration an e-mail will be generated (be sure you inserted your correct e-mail address) with the link to the webina
    • You will receive a PDF with the link and with some suggestions
  • Do i need a particular equipment to follow the webinar?
    • Although you can simply connect and use the speakers of your PC, an headset is suggested in order to improve the sound quality
  • How much the participation to the webinar?
    • the participation os free of charge but registration is necessary here.
  • The link to the registration is not working.
    • Try to copy and paste in your browser this text: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/sulpiter-webinar-on-freight-quality-partnership-prof-michael-browne-registration-39556646996
    • if it is not working contact us at sulpiter@regione.emilia-romagna.it

NCP Austria: transnATional vernETZt | INNOVATION!

30 November 2017 Vienna, Austria

Der National Contact Point Austria bei der Österreichischen Raumordnungskonferenz lädt in Kooperation mit dem Bundeskanzleramt zu einer Veranstaltung zur Vernetzung transnationaler und EU-weiter Projekte, um gemeinsam die österreichischen Projekte, Aktivitäten und Strategien rund um die Priorität INNOVATION in der Förderperiode 2014‐2020 zu diskutieren:

Die Priorität Innovation in den transnationalen und EU-weiten Programmen 
​innovativ, smart, sozial, unternehmerisch ...
  • Teilnehmerkreis: Österreichische ProjektpartnerInnen in transnationalen und EU‐weiten ETZ‐Kooperationsprojekten in der Priorität Innovation und erweiterter ETZ‐Stakeholder‐Kreis
  • Zielsetzung: Kompakte Betrachtung der laufenden Projekte sowie programmübergreifende Vernetzung der österreichischen Akteure, Identifikation von möglichen Beiträgen zu laufenden strategischen Prozessen, Herausarbeiten des Mehrwerts von ETZ-Projekten zur Priorität Innovation, Diskussion von Potentialen für künftige Aktivitäten/Projekte

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.  Anmeldung bis 16. November 2017 . ​

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International Blogger Meeting

Join us in Vienna for the International Blogger Meeting!

This is your chance to meet other bloggers and share your work with others as well as get to know new and interesting ideas to #reducefoodwaste!  It is not only about food waste prevention itself but also about the role of bloggers in social change. 

We invite your to join this meeting and find ideas and solutions together with other bloggers, food waste experts as well as food waste start ups in Vienna!

You are a blogger visiting Vienna in December?  GREAT!! Take part in our meeting!
You are a blogger and like to meet others and make a difference? Great- join us!
You are a blogger and have never been to Vienna before? Well that’s a shame – change that soon and be part of our meeting!

You can find more information here at www.reducefoodwaste.eu

To register please send an email to DI Sandra Schwödt (sandra.schwoedt@boku.ac.at)



more information

RAINMAN: 2nd transnational partner meeting

21. - 22. February, Prague

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RAINMAN: 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting

13. - 14. June, Zagreb

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