KPAs innovative Synergic Networks (O.T2.1)

Raise awareness and increase knowledge

Aim is to create transnational innovation SNs (Synergic Networks) within KPAs (Key Project’s Areas) to establish linkages among regional actors. 3 SNs (appx 6 members per SN) out of Synergic Consortia were created to enhance cooperation between PP (Project Partner) regions and support common activities and joint projects. This approach brings together located in CE regions R&D organizations and companies focused on similar technologies that have no knowledge of each other. 
To overcome this and to set bonds within SNs members, Development of Synergic Networks was performed.

The KPAs innovative Synergic Networks developed within T2 Synergic Networking were communicated to the large enterprises and SMEs as well as business support organizations by campaigning and increasing their involvement to influence their attitudes and to change their behavior towards enhancing the innovation capacity, support matchmaking, networking and linking regional actors.